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11 days until my most favorite time of the year.

Age/birthday:16, JUne 8 1989--aka Appreciate your drum majors day
Grade [if any]: Junior
School and city:Fenton, Michigan--Fenton High, yes I joined micompbands
Instrument(s) and years played: Clarinet,mainly-6 years
Groups you are in: Fenton's Wind ensemble, pit orchestra, marching band and possibly compline

instrument(s):clarinet, french horn, mallets, saxaphone
Band(s)/Orchestra(s) to perform with/in: wind ensemble, marching band
Band(s)/Orchestra(s) to watch: The Madison Scouts!!!!!!!!!
Band(s)/Orchestra(s) in general: Oh wow, I guess the London Symphony Orchestra
Composer/arranger: hmmm, Aaron Copland

Do you consider yourself a band geek? If so, why?: Does being in 6 band related el jay communities count? Or having 10+ band realated shirts?
If you could learn any other instrument, what would it be and why? french horn, the most beautiful sound.
Tell us some random band stories.

ONe time at band camp...
We were getting ready to perform our show for parents and then lighting hit a tree next to us. And we ran screaming up this huge ass hill pushing timpanies.

Another time we were practicing during camp and the sewer main outisde the windows broke and made a pretty BROWN fountain for us to stare at.

More stories later, must be off to bed before mi madre goes postal!
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