inyourownway (inyourownway) wrote in bandgasm,

The "Application"

Age/birthday: 16 --- Febuary 20th, 1989
Grade [if any]: 11th
School and city: Allegan High School, Allegan
Instrument(s) and years played: Trumpet (6 years), Acoustic Guitar (3 years), Marimba (2 years)
Groups you are in: Micompbands, Bandgasm

instrument(s): Trumpet, Trombone
Band(s)/Orchestra(s) to perform with/in: Jazz Quintets, Honor Bands
Band(s)/Orchestra(s) to watch: Drum Corps, Jazz Bands
Band(s)/Orchestra(s) in general:
Composer/arranger: Don't Really Have One, I like em all

Do you consider yourself a band geek? If so, why?: Yes, My whole life is band and nothing but band, every conversation with any human being I come into contact with has something to do with band in it!!
If you could learn any other instrument, what would it be and why? Oboe, I need some woodwind in my background now that I have conquered brass
Tell us some random band stories! umm at BOA coming out of the dorms I fell down the steps, at band camp my friend was threatening to flick peas at me with a spoon and instead of hitting me hit our instructor
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