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the Save the Hats Campaign in conjuction with School Pride

Hey, guys, I need your help. =^n.n^=

My marching band is the Marching Patriots, and ever since the band was created the constant throughout our uniforms' changes has been a tricorner hat. We are very proud of it as a symbol of who we are.

However, yesterday it was revealed to us that the uniforms for next year will no longer have tricorners, as Fred J. Miller does not make them. People have told me that I shouldn't care this much, as I am a senior and will never wear them, but I do, because for me it is a matter of school pride.

So I come to you for help. Do any of you also wear tricorners, especially if they are newer? What are they like (plastic, felted, wool even)? Do you know any place to get tricorners that would work for marching band? Do you have any ideas on what we can do? So far the only thing we are doing is creating a petition, and we hope to have enough support throughout the school to show our band directors that we want to keep our tricorners. (There is support within the student body but I don't know how helpful that will be.)

Anything you've got, please, it will be helpful. We're pretty much at a loss for what to do. Thank you SO much. =^n.n^=

[EDIT] Another thing... does anyone know of any professional groups (such as drum corps) that wear tricorners?
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