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Name: Anastasia Audriya Maria, AKA Stacey, Nasta, and Homeostasis.
Age/birthday: 14/3-6-91. (Everyone is born on my birthday!! I swear. u_u)
Grade [if any]: 9th! Yup, I'm a freshman. ^_^
School and city: Ypsilanti High School, Ypsilanti, MI. It's ip-suh-LAN-tee. If you don't know where that is, it's the same city as Eastern Michigan University. ^_^ Sometimes the EMU band marches through the neighborhood, and it's FABULOUS.
Instrument(s) and years played: Flute, for four years, drumkit for three, and handrumming for one year.
Groups you are in: Just musical? BANG! an all-girls' percussion ensemble, and Varsity band. Nonmusically, I just started a GSA at my high school, I play water polo, and am in Drama club. Woot!

Clarinet, to hear. <33 Klezmer is just the sexiest music around. And of course, the flute and drums in general.
Band(s)/Orchestra(s) to perform with/in: Middle school band was fun. I had this great band teacher, and it was like, "let's learn this piece! Wheeeeeee! *gigglelaugh*" I also ADORE BANG!. The BANG! girls have gotten me through so much, and we do fun stuff. ^_^
Band(s)/Orchestra(s) to watch: Around here, you can go to the the University of Michigan band practices for free. It's a GOOD band, and it's a free thing to do!
Band(s)/Orchestra(s) in general: The Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Talk about wow...
Composer/arranger: Howard Shore! And um, whoever wrote the Star Wars music. Can't remember the name, but that was some fun, tricky stuff.

Do you consider yourself a band geek? If so, why?:
YES! I have a great story about why. XD;; My aunt Beth had told me about chair in sixth grade and I was SO EXCITED. The flute section at my school was (and still is) horrible. I was like, OMFG! Yes, I can do that! (I'm a REALLY competitive person). I practiced all summer long, and when school started and we took the test,I ended up as fourth chair, behind three REALLY bad girls. I was miserable. XD; Then, at the semester I was promoted from seventh to eighth grade, so I was just automatically 6th chair out of six. There was Katrina, who was good, and then the other students, one of whom couldn't play an octave. So, that year, as last chair, I got the piccolo solo in the memorial day parade and 5 solos in the spring concert. x_x But I was still LAST CHAIR! So, now, as a high schooler, I am 2nd and Katrina is 3rd. XD; That's why I'm a band geek - I am SO competitive.
If you could learn any other instrument, what would it be and why? As I mentioned, clarinet, cause Klezmer is sexy. And maybe guitar, cause I'm like, THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who can't play guitar.
Tell us some random band stories. Well, there's having my first fling with a girl at band camp. ^_^ She played flute, too. I guess the one that really sticks out in my mind is the May concert of 8th grade. Nathan Patterson, a student at the middle school, died of leukemia that year, and we dedicated our May concert to him. People read poems, we sang A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, and played some songs with Alto Sax solos (his instrument) in the, along with LoTR music. At the end, everyone was a wreck, and we all stumbled back into the band room, crying and carrying chairs and hugging eachother. We were really sad, but I felt closer to them than I had felt before.

At band camp this last summer, I had this crazy band director. We called him Mr. Adams, because no one could remember his name and he had this HUGE Adam's Apple. He also was a hunch back with a pointy nose. His voice was nasally, but somehow he managed to spit alot when he talked. The defining moment of band camp for me was probably when he stood up on the podium as we and told us to pull out "Brazil," a piece we were working on.

"Repeat after me," he said. "Aye aye aye aye."

"Aye aye aye aye," we repeated.

"I am the frito bandito." Most giggled but he continued on, "I love frito's corn chips oh yes! I do/I love them so much hey! I'll steal them from you."

I hope we played it the way he had been hoping for. XD;

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