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Name: Michelle.
Age/birthday: July 30, 1991. Fourteen years old.
Grade [if any]:Freshmen. *beat up by upperclassmen* :D
School and city: I'm going to Chapin High SChool in El Paso at the moment. I used to go to Andress High School, but I transferred due to some stupid stuff. I'll be moving very soon though, to Georgia. It looks like I'll be going to Spencer High School in Colombus.
Instrument(s) and years played: Flute (4 years) and piano (2 years).
Groups you are in: Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Pep Band, and Jazz Band (I'm in nonband stuff too :D).

instrument(s): My favorite woodwind would definitely be clarinet. Listening to me makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. XD And don't forget flute, obviously enough. My favorite brass changes randomly depending on my mood, but above all, snare is my favorite. Percussion in general really.
Band(s)/Orchestra(s) to perform with/in: Andress high school, no doubt. Such an awesome band, with great people in it.
Band(s)/Orchestra(s) to watch: ... Andress. XD I like watching Drum Corps too, generally any marching band with interesting drills.
Band(s)/Orchestra(s) in general: As long as the songs have decent woodwind parts without the trumpets hogging all the spotlight, it's fine with me. :D
Composer/arranger: Ticheli or John Philip Sousa. Key Poulan is cool too.

Do you consider yourself a band geek? If so, why?: I would think so. I talk about band all the time, it drives many of my nonband friends insane. My old iPod is filled with various shows that bands from all over have played, and it's guaranteed that I'll be in the band room, or at LEAST the Fine Arts builing during my free time.
If you could learn any other instrument, what would it be and why? Snare drum, no doubt. I've always wanted to learn how to play. I could sit and watch a drumline for hours on end. <3

Clarinet is another instrument I've always wanted to learn too. It has such a beautiful and soothing sound to me.
Tell us some random band stories.

Hm... There was that time where the flutes got into a "war" with the drumline. I believe the snares weren't counting loudly enough during summer band, so the section leader told them not to be like the "wimpy woodwinds" over there and pointed his sticks towards us. Something like that. The flutes ended up winning, by the way. :D

There was that other time where my Andress DI tripped when we were playing against our rival school in football. I believe he tripped over one of the ramps (there were ramps in the show, they were so awesome). I didn't see it, but it was really loud. I felt sorry for him, but he became alot nicer after that and seemed to realize that people can make mistakes sometimes. He's a really good player/marcher, so he always gets really mad when people aren't as good as him. As sad as the tripping was, he really needed it. :D
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